ABRACADABRA, a web-based literacy tool now accessible through LDAQ

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ABRACADABRA, a free, interactive online literacy tool developed by the Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance (CSLP) at Concordia University in Montréal, Québec, is now available to parents (lite version) through the Learning Disabilities Association of Québec (Association québecoise des troubles d’apprentissage).

This research-based tool is a valuable literacy resource for students with learning disabilities, emphasizing multiple aspects of reading instruction: fluency, phonological awareness, comprehension and writing skills. The interactive stories and activities support a balanced approach to reading. The CSLP conducts research on the application of the tool across Canada-more information on features and research studies can be viewed on the Abracadabra website.

You might see more of this great online literacy tool in the future. From their website:

Recently the CSLP received $270,000 from the Max Bell Foundation to help attain the Centre’s goal of integrating ABRA in schools across Canada. This support is for wide-scale dissemination and training activities for the Learning Toolkit. The impact of this funding will be great as this will ensure there is a Canada-wide network of trained educators and consultants on the use of ABRA and ePEARL, resulting in the development of young Canadians’ literacy skills.

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