Special Education, K-12

We offer individualized, private consultations as well as large or small group workshops. We work with families, school staff and administrators, and organizations. Our areas of expertise include advocacy for the child with special needs, as well as the most innovative and specialized pedagogical solutions for both elementary and high school students with special needs.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology are tools (software and hardware) that promote greater independence for the student by bypassing the area of deficit or difficulty.  Matching the learner to the software is essential and is our guiding principle for our recommendations. We offer individualized, private consultations to provide your child with the most effective and current learning tools to meet his or her needs. We also offer larger scale introductory workshops on various pieces of learning software, designed specifically for the learner with learning disabilities or developmental delay.  We will tailor our presentations to the needs of your staff or organization.

Learning Space Design

We offer consultations and workshops on the design of virtual learning spaces (including learning management systems and social media tools for learning) and physical learning spaces (including electronic classroom design, audiovisual consultations and more). Let us help you plan your learning environments to be innovative, engaging, and effective for learning.

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