About Us

Company Profile

inov8 Educational Consulting works with educators, families and their children with special needs, and adults to integrate highly effective assistive technology tools into their lives at home and school. Assistive technology is software and hardware specifically designed to help bypass the difficulties associated with a disability.

We are highly specialized and work with children and adults with diverse learning needs. Our clients are children with learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, language disorders and developmental delays. We also work with clients who have experienced a stroke, or are living with memory loss.

We offer two types of specialized services. Our parent seminar series, called “succeed@school” is designed to inform families about specific software and apps available in the area of special education (for example, using an iPad as a communication device or using a specialized piece of software to develop math skills). Our other service is private consultations for families. We will work one-on-one with the family and child, or adult, integrating the software/hardware into the school curriculum or into their home environment.

Our Team

Andrea Prupas, B.Ed. , M.A., M.A. Ct. has worked for 15 years in the area of special education in the US and Canada, in the role of both teacher and consultant. Her experience has been in both health-care and educational settings. Andrea has worked with students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, language disorders, developmental delay, learning and reading disabilities. She has presented at numerous special education conferences, including the Council of Exceptional Children. Andrea’s areas of expertise are in curriculum and pedagogy for students with autism spectrum disorders, assistive technology for students with autism spectrum disorders and learning disabilities and advocacy for parents of children with special needs.

We also work with other teachers, special educators, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, and many other professionals. We are always looking to expand our consulting team.

Please contact us if you are interested.