Assistive Technology-Software and Apps

inov8 Educational Consulting is on the leading edge of knowledge in the area of assistive technology. We work with the newest and most innovative software and apps specifically designed for students with learning disabilities, reading disabilities, autism spectrum disorders and developmental delays.

We offer individualized, private consultations for students and their families, as well as software or app workshops with a focus on sound pedagogical practices for small or large groups. Explore the fastest growing area in special education; you will be amazed at the impact these tools can have on your child or student’s learning potential.

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Learning and Educational Software for Students with Special Needs

This software is specifically designed for students with learning disabilities and addresses areas of difficulty such as reading, writing organization and note-taking skills. Each child and student is an individual, and the goal of our workshops or consultations is to link each piece of software to your child or student’s learning profile.

Some examples:Teacher and student with laptop

Augmentative Communication, Social Communication, Literacy, and Productivity Apps for Students with Special Needs

Augmentative communication is a broad category that describes methods or devices that can assist an individual with communication.

inov8 Educational Consulting is on the forefront of the newest breakthroughs in augmentative communication on the iPod Touch and iPad. These are the future of communication tools, replacing tools traditionally used on a laptop computer or individual communication systems.

Applications (popularly know as “apps”) designed specifically for communication purposes allow for a powerful, portable, affordable and easy-to-use communication system for your child or student. These tools are ideal for school-age and high school students and support inclusive educational practices. Apps designed for the purposes of  social communication, or pragmatics, can also benefit the child or student with developmental delay or autism spectrum disorder.

Another area of app development is early literacy. These apps can be used as a complement to the curriculum, for home-schooling purposes, or for parent-guided literacy activities. They range from tools for digital storytelling, development of pre-writing skills, and direct, multi-sensory phonics-based instruction.

There are also a large variety of apps that can be used to enhance productivity and organizational skills for students with learning disabilities. These apps are being used successfully by many students in high schools, colleges and universities.

Child with iPad

We will customize a package on these products for an individual, based on his or her needs. These applications are highly interactive, powerful, mobile and effective; and they can have a significant impact on learning.

Some examples:


And many, many more!