Special Education, K-12

inov8 Educational Consulting works with many different student populations. We have extensive experience in both educational and health-care settings with students with autism spectrum disorders, developmental delays, reading disabilities and learning disabilities.

Our services in special education include workshops and private consultations in the areas of advocacy and special education curriculum and pedagogy.

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As a parent, do you have the basic skills and tools that are required in order to communicate effectively with the school or community professionals in your child’s life?

As a teacher or school administrator, do you understand the needs of your students in order to respond to their educational needs and provide them with the most appropriate services available to you?

Some of our services include:Can you hear me?

  • The individualized education plan
  • Understanding school services
  • Choosing a school that is the “best fit” for your child
  • How to communicate in order to advocate effectively for your child

Curriculum and Pedagogy

Understanding your child or your student’s learning style is critical to school success. Learn how to get the most out of your child’s learning potential with an awareness of how to adapt or modify the curriculum. How to make sense of all of the commercial products available? Understand how to match your child’s learning needs to specialized programs in literacy and numeracy.

Some of our services include:Little girl thinking

  • Alternative literacy program recommendations for the student with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Specialized numeracy program recommendations for the student with special needs
  • The TEACCH model in the home setting