10 categories of recommended apps and software for students with learning disabilities


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We’ve compiled an updated multi-platform list (some oldies, but goodies in there!) of our “go-to” apps that we frequently recommend for students with learning disabilities. This time we’ve included some apps for accessing digital book collections (these collections have “read to me’ options with simultaneous highlighting, which is great for students that need to listen to the text as they read.)

Some of these literacy support tools are stand-alone products that provide just one function (ex. just text-to-speech), while others are literacy “suites” that provide many options in one tool. (ex. text-to-speech, word prediction, annotation, speech recognition).

Some new exciting options (well, we find them all exciting) are in the area of digital books, OCR scanning, annotation and supported writing.

Feel free to leave us feedback on your favourites!

Digital book collections:

Epic! (iOS, Android, web app)

Meegenius (iOS, Android)

iBooks (iOS)

Google Play Books (iOS, Android, web app)

Text to speech

Read and Write for Google (Chrome)

WordQ (software)

ClaroRead (software)

VoiceDream (iOS)

Free Natural Reader (freeware)

 iReadWrite (iOS)

iWordQ (iOS)

WordQ for Chrome

Word prediction

iWordQ (iOS) 

WordQ for Chrome 

Ghotit (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) (*note that this app is also a contextual grammar checker)

Highlighting and highlight extraction

Read and Write for Google (Chrome)

Vocabulary support (visual dictionary)

Read and Write for Google (Chrome)


Snaptype (iOS)

Skitch (iOS)

ClaroPDF (iOS)

Read and Write for Google (Chrome)

Scanning with OCR

Prizmo (iOS)

IrisScan Book (hardware)

 ReadIris (software)

Office Lens (iOS, Android, software)

ABBYY FineReader (software)

Snapverter (Chrome)

ClaroReads Plus (software)

Claro ScanPen (iOS)

Speech recognition

Dragon Dictate/Naturally Speaking (software, iOS)

VoiceNote II (Chrome)

Read and Write for Google

 Speak It! (Chrome, iOS)

Concept mapping

Inspiration Maps (iOS)

Kidspiration Maps (iOS)

Popplet (iOS)

Inspiration/Kidspiration (software)

SimpleMind (Android)

Supported writing

Clicker 7 (Software)

Clicker apps (iOS)


Notability (iOS, software)

AudioNote (iOS, Android, software)

Livescribe Smartpen (hardware, software)

Do you have more recommendations? Let us know in the comments and we can update our post.

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2 Responses to 10 categories of recommended apps and software for students with learning disabilities

  1. Robert April 20, 2016 at 12:20 pm #

    Dear Andrea,
    Thank you for your great collection and mentioning Ghotit.

    There are Ghotit apps for only for Android, but also for iPad and iPhone.

    It has a great text-to-speech support as well as spelling and grammar facilities.

    You can find the User-Manual for iPad at the link below:


    Best wishes!

    Kind regards,

  2. Julee Faso-Formoso January 5, 2017 at 2:03 pm #

    We use Xodo. It’s like Snaptype but works across all platforms: Android, Windows, and iOS.

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