UDL and active learning spaces at #ATIA15

ATIA 2015 OrlandoCreating the most accessible learning experience requires an understanding of how learning spaces can best support teaching and learning. We’re heading to ATIA this week to discuss just that-how different types of active learning spaces can improve access to learning and reduce barriers for students (using Universal Design for Learning as a framework). We hope to see you there!

For more information on learning space design and UDL, check out these resources:

Why Learning Space Matters” from Edutopia

Overview from Educause on “Leading the Transition from Classrooms to Learning Spaces.”

Videos, tools and success stories on active learning from K-12 blueprint

Blueprint for Tomorrow: Redesigning Schools for Student-Centred Learning by Prakash Nair, Harvard Education Press.

Universal Design for Learning in Action: 100 Ways to Teach All Learners by Whitney Rapp, Brookes publishing.




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