AT and Edtech to watch: Teaching AAC with core vocabulary

Ready for a new school year? In the next few weeks we’ll be posting areas of assistive technology and educational technology, along with resources, that can make a significant difference for teachers, students and parents this year. Here we go:

#1 Teaching AAC with core vocabulary instruction

3D chat bubblesTeaching core vocabulary has had a huge impact on the field of AAC and this approach is essential to teach AAC effectively. This summer we dedicated a lot of our own professional development to studying as well as developing knowledge and resources in this area, in order to be able to implement a core vocabulary approach when teaching AAC. Many thanks to the Pittsburgh AAC Language Seminar Series (PALSS) and Minspeak for their excellent seminar (which takes an in-depth approach to the research and rationale behind teaching core vocabulary).  In terms of tools, right now we’re using dedicated devices, apps, and low-tech too.

Recources on core vocabulary developmet

Here are some resources that we like on core vocabulary development and teaching core vocabulary:

Want to suggest an additional resource? Feel free to comment below or contact us.

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