68 Apps for Students with Learning Disabilities

apps for students with learning disabilitiesThe iPad can be a highly effective tool for students with learning disabilities, and more and more apps are targeting areas of need for students in elementary school, high school, and college/university. Here is an updated list of recommended apps for students with learning disabilities. We recently presented these apps at the Learning Disability Association of Quebec’s “Toolbox for Success” parent conference. We’ve broken our recommendations down into the following categories:

Apps for students with learning disabilities

Reading and writing support and remediation

This category includes apps for reading support in order to bypass areas of difficulty (ex. text-to-speech, word prediction) reading remediation (ex. specialized remedial approaches) and writing support (ex. organization of the writing process).

Language remediation

Apps for language remediation include those targeting expressive and receptive language skills as well as pragmatic language skills.


This category consists of content curation, research skills, note taking and synthesizing.

Alternative literacy formats

This category addresses the area of digital literacy and alternative literacy formats such as digital storytelling, graphic novels, photo annotation, comics and collages.


In this category we look at apps for alternative access, as well as using screencasting apps for problem-solving.

Fine motor skills

This category addresses pre-writing and writing skills for handwriting.

Executive functioning

These apps address the areas of planning, managing time, organizing, strategizing, and attention.

We have the entire list in a printable document embedded below:

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Thanks to the LDAQ Montreal for hosting a great information day for parents!

We’d love to hear your feedback on these apps for students with learning disabilities and suggestions for other apps that we should include.

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