TalkRocket Go français: a new AAC app for french-speaking families

We wanted to share exciting news for francophone families about a newer AAC app that is available in French, TalkRocket Go.

TalkRocket Go IconTalkRocket Go, a Canadian app supported by the Ontario Centres of Excellence, the University of Toronto and NSERC, features clear, natural-sounding French voices. While not as fully-featured as some other AAC apps, it is unique and highly accessible for the following reasons:

  • “Supporter Studio” allows the user to edit and customize online. This is especially useful for professionals; as they do not need to have the client’s iPad with them in order to make changes.
  • Collaborative possibilities; users can share the customized folders that are created.
  • Accessibility features; this app features built in scanning and a touch screen switch.
  • The app is very intuitive and simple to use.

TalkRocket Go Screenshots
TalkRocket Go 1TalkRocket Go 2TalkRocket Go 3TalkRocket Go 4TalkRocket Go 5

Here is a nice overview of their app on video:

For more information, see the press release and have a look at TalkRocket Go website.


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