Apps for seniors

Apps for seniors

inov8 Educational Consulting is committed to offering students of all ages the opportunity to learn with the newest and most innovative technology tools. We offer consulting services and workshops (apps for seniors) on the integration of  exciting new technologies to engage and enhance quality of life for older learners.

Apps for seniors - Grandmother Using Tablet ComputerWe offer customized consultations for seniors, recommending the most appropriate apps for an individual’s needs. We recommend effective apps for the purposes of:

  • augmentative and alternative communication
  • visual and auditory stimulation
  • enjoyment of music and the arts
  • relaxation
  • cognitive stimulation and memory skills
  • communication with family and friends through mobile social media
  • reminiscence (digital storytelling, journaling and chronicling).

We also work with individuals and staff within assisted living facilities and residences.

Please contact us for more information on apps for seniors services.