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There’s a special app for that – Part 1 UPDATE: 9 MORE apps to improve organizational skills for students with learning disabilities

We thought it was time to start updating our “There’s a Special App for That” posts, just in time for the new year! We’re still using all of the apps we recommended in Part 1 of Apps to improve organizational skills for students with learning disabilities – but we wanted to add 9 MORE that […]

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New succeed@school webinar series for 2014 school year

Our “succeed@school” seminar series, focusing on new assistive technologies for students with special needs, will be online this year! We will be offering four webinars that merge inclusive education research and strategies with app selection. We will be focusing on two themes: Using apps to complement reading remediation strategies for both elementary and high school students; […]

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68 Apps for Students with Learning Disabilities

The iPad can be a highly effective tool for students with learning disabilities, and more and more apps are targeting areas of need for students in elementary school, high school, and college/university. Here is an updated list of recommended apps for students with learning disabilities that we recently presented at the Learning Disability Association of […]

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Flipping the Classroom for students with special needs - ATIA 2013

Flipping the Classroom for Students with Special Needs – Our Presentation, Tools and a Case Study

Looking for resources on flipping the classroom for students with special needs? We have posted our presentation along with flipped classroom tools and a case study from our session at ATIA 2013. Thanks to everyone who attended this great interactive session!

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